Speaker Reels

Speaker, sizzle, demo, performance. Whatever you choose to call it, as a professional speaker you need a reel that shows your delivery style, audience interaction, content, and relevancy to the audience. Check out the speaker reels we created.

Speaker Coach and Booking Agent

PWE-media has been working with Charlotte’s premier speaker coach Melissa Taylor and booking agent Teresa Gitomer (Hey RED Speakers).

Melissa is a refreshing, cutting-edge speaker coach who is in her own league!! Click here to discover how you can improve your speaker career. Even if you are thinking about speaking you should contact her.

Teresa Gitomer is the engine behind heyRED. Teresa and her team of professionals take the time to build a relationship with the best in the business. Keynotes, breakouts, workshops and so much more, have the connections you need. Click here to connect with hey RED.