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Think – People watch videos to learn.

Feel – They want a story that connects to them intelectually and emotionally.

Do – Finally, they want to know, what’s next.

PWE-media helps clients create custom-designed video stories that inspire change. We do this effectively, efficiently, and economically. Each project on this page was created by establishing a shared business vision and crafting the video resources to meet that vision.

By the way, if you didn’t see the type of video you had in mind, that’s fine neither did many of the clients below.

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Coach Matt Doherty – Speaker Reel
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SPARK Publications – Explainer Introduction

Illderton Conversion – Commercial
Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce – EXPO Promotion
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All Things Possible Non-Profit – Website About
All Things Possible Family – Fundraising Interview
Electronic Apparatus – Explainer
A Relatable Journey – Podcast Promo
BDR Podcast – Promotion
Housing Think Podcast – Series promoting workforce housing

Compellation of Live Event Recording

“The Road to Austell” – Documentary A story about the engineering, environmental, and political challenges Norfolk Southern Railroad faced during the two and half years of construction and the legal battles the railroad faced from state and local municipalities.
Beginning in 1999 and concluding in 2002 my team and I documented the transformation of this 800-acre site. Recording conditions during the hot Georgia days, dodging heavy earth-moving equipment at night, and even recording in some heavy down pores my talented crew delivered a project that David R. Goode, CEO of Norfolk Southern Railroad called a phonominal story and great video. The project consisted of 24 location days and included 6 helicopter sessions using a Tyler front mount. We recorded over 25 hours of BetaSP footage and walked every square inch of the mile-long quarter-mile-wide site. Director/Editor Phil Erhardt, DP, Rick Presley, DP Phil Dodgen, DP Charlie Roland, Location Audio Tech, Gary McCullough, Post-Production Audio Wade Keever, Narrator Henry Ford, and Executive Producer & Writer Carol I. Noe.
I produced, directed, and edited all of these projects during my 20-year career at CIN Services, Inc in Matthews NC.
From 1989 to 2002 I produced, directed & edited over 40 videos for Norfolk Southern Railroad. Here are some of my favorites. Yeah, I know some of them are long but the requirement for training was 12:00 minimum.
Badger my friend and companion 2013 – 2022

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