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What Change Do You Desire?

“People don’t want what you make or do. They want the way it will make them feel…” Seth Godin – “This is Marketing”

Video uses imagery, sounds, and motion to create emotion leading the viewer to a solution and the feeling of accomplishment.

What do you want the viewer the think, feel, and do after watching your video? We use this question to create a shared vision story. From that vision, we create the elements to tell the story.

Create | Inspire | Change

Since our inception, we have worked to create video stories that will inspire viewers to change. Whether it is a speaker looking for more events, a business needing to explain a process, or a non-profit seeking donations, PWE-media is committed to providing you with the best opportunity to inspire change.

For Phil Erhardt video editing and production is his life’s work. His goal is to help businesses create video stories efficiently, effectively, and economically.  As a video strategist, he helps clients discover additional ways to use the video content. He calls it the “Swiss Army Knife” approach to video production.


create | inspire | change

Video | Strategy | Editing | Production

Have a video project in mind? Need to discuss an idea? Need advice?

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Podcast Production

Whether audio only or video, PWE-media can produce, record, and edit your podcast.

Whether you call it a “Sizzle Reel”, Speaker Reel”, or “Demo Reel” the goal is the same. To get more bookings!

Event producers, booking agents, and event planners agree, that when choosing a speaker they want to see how they interact with the audience, how the audience reacts to them, and how they perform in front of an audience. Does your reel demonstrate those characteristics? If not let’s talk. Here on some speaker reels I’ve produced. And if you didn’t see the style you had in mind, don’t worry neither did these speakers. Click on Badger or click here for a free consultation.

Video for business

You provide solutions.

Since 1985, Phil Erhardt has worked with a variety of companies producing marketing, sales, training, and commercials Check out The Gallery to watch some of the videos featured in this demo.

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Client testimonials
Client testimonials
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