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We learn through stories. The images, sounds, and motion of video stories instill emotion. They inspire us to act and make us wonder what if.

why video

Over 70% prefer video, or video + text. Almost 50% of your audience uses YouTube to search product videos before buying. 70% of business decision makers use video for produce/service research. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world.* Why wouldn’t one use video?

the story

The story doesn’t have to be funny, laden with special effects, flashy, or viral. It needs to focus on the viewer’s need and provide a solution that makes them a hero.

remove the superfluous

A video editor skillfully crafts the elements into an effective story. Editors create the mood. They enhance the message. They create a style that holds the viewer’s attention and matches the brand. Most importantly an editor knows how to remove the superfluous. “The message is already within the content. It is already there; I just have to edit away the superfluous material.” Apologies to Michelangelo.

We told their video stories and now we’d like to tell your video story.

Featured Video

JWA Auto Detailing is a mobile detailing service in Charlotte, NC. Jeff had the video record and requested a script and narration. I also added After Effects graphics, added music and the steam sound under the narration. I also adjusted the video timing to match the new script. I’ve known Jeff Arrington 2014, he is detail oriented, customer focused and a strong brother in Christ. Visit:

*Source: “Video is King – 30+ Video Marketing Statistics for 2020” Wyzowl; Think with Google; Forbes; Full article is in The Library.