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What Change Do You Desire?

Seth Godin’s book “This is Marketing”, explains how our messages should inspire a feeling that what we do or what we sell will fulfill a need or solve a problem resulting in change.

People don’t want what you make. They want the way it will make them feel, and there aren’t that many feelings to choose from.” Seth Godin – “This is Marketing”

At the beginning of each project, I ask: What do we want the viewer to think, feel, and do after watching the video story?

Marketing like training is about change. The video story should explain why, how, and what you sell or the service you provide will change the viewer’s world.

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Video | Strategy | Editing | Production

Speaker Reel Sampler

Are you a professional Speaker?

Speaker, sizzle, demo, performance. Whatever you choose to call it, as a professional speaker you need a reel that shows your delivery style, audience interaction, content, and relevancy to the audience. Check out the speaker reel demo sampler.

Non-Profit Stories

Helping non-profit organizations tell their stories to promote their mission and inspire change.

Non-Profit Video Demo
Custom Video Bookends

What are Video Bookends?

Podcasts, training, video series, presentations, and videos should have a branded opening and call to action. Video bookends announce to the audience who you are. They are your brand identity. People who hear your theme or see your opening, know what to expect. If you don’t think bookends are practical, think of one of the most iconic series openings – Law and Order.

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