Phil Erhardt

I love helping my clients create their video story. Together, we uncover the “WHY” behind the story to give the “WHAT” more impact. Currently, I’m working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits organizations use video efficiently, effectively, and economically.  While I have extensive field and studio video production experience, my greatest talent is video editing. Like model building, I love assembling the visual and aural elements into a finished work which WOW’s my client. My strengths focus on connecting, interacting and motivating others to action.  In my world there are no strangers, only friends I haven’t met.

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In 2013 after my 9-year sabbatical, (I’ll explain my use of sabbatical when we meet) came to an end I thought I knew what I wanted to do. After 8-months of prayer and coaching PWErhardt-media, LLC was established. My purpose is to serve the entrepreneur, solopreneur, business owner and ministries craft video stories to inspire change. I love meeting and working with new clients and I look forward to hearing your “WHY”.