Meet Phil

Phil Erhardt

I love helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profits create video stories efficiently, effectively, and economically.  As a business owner, I know the importance of receiving value for the services I buy. That’s why I also help clients discover additional ways to use the video content we created.  The years I’ve spent producing and directing projects in the field and the studio helped me with my greatest talent — video editing. Like building a model, I love assembling content into a finished work that WOW’s the viewer, and inspires them to act. Let’s get together so I can learn more about you and how I can serve in growing your business.


My love for video production began in high school.  Since 1978 I’ve been blessed to produce TV programs, commercials, and corporate programs. In 2003, the Lord choose to put me in retail. After my 9-year sabbatical, the Lord put me on another path and, after 8-months of prayer and coaching PWErhardt-media, LLC was established. While some would say I’m working for myself I choose to say I’m working for the One who made me and gave me the talents to share.