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Think – People watch your videos to learn, solve a problem, discover, or be entertained.

Feel – They desire content that connects to their intellect, interest, and emotion.

Do – They need to know what’s next. Where to go? What to do? Gain more knowledge.

PWE-media helps clients create custom-designed video stories that inspire change. We do this effectively, efficiently, and economically. Each project on this page was created by first establishing a shared business vision and then crafting the video resources to meet that vision.

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Coach Matt Doherty – Speaker Reel
Supply Chain Brain – Promotion
Bricz Corporate Overview – Trade Show
Tartan Residential Workforce Housing -Promotion
Neoti LED – Product Reveal
Ilderton Conversion Van – Commercial
Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Conference – Event Promotion
Hope for India – Non-Profit Newsletter Message
Mobil Smash Room – Commercial
Tartan Residential-Multifamily Workforce Housing – Presentation
hey RED Speakers Agency – Training
Grateful Box Kim Angeli – Testimonials
recorded via Zoom
Restore Power Washing – Commercial
Kim Wojnowich – Speaker Reel
Nisha Pai – Speaker Reel
Transformative – Recruiting Commercial
Ken Newbill Invitation to Better Health – Explainer
All Things Possible Non-Profit – Website About
All Things Possible Family – Fundraising Interview
Electronic Apparatus – Explainer
A Relatable Journey – Podcast Promo
BDR Podcast – Promotion
Housing Think Podcast – 1 of 20 in a series

Compellation of Live Event Recording

“The Road to Austell” was a documentary I directed & edited. It tells of the engineering, environmental and political challenges Norfolk Southern Railroad faced during the two and half years of development and construction.
Between 1999-2002 my team and I documented the entire project. We recorded day, night, and in various weather conditions. The project consisted of 12 location days and included 6 helicopter sessions using a Tyler front mount. We recorded over 15-hrs BetaSP footage and walked every square inch of the mile-long quarter-mile-wide site. The team included DP, Rick Presley, Location Audio Tech, Gary McCullough, DP, Phil Dodgen, DP, Charlie Roland, Post-Production Audio Wade Keever, Narrator Henry Ford, and Executive Producer & Writer Carol I. Noe. I hope you enjoy it.
I produced, directed, and edited all of these projects during my 20-year career at CIN Services, Inc in Matthews NC.
From 1989 to 2002 I produced, directed & edited over 40 videos for Norfolk Southern Railroad. Here are some of my favorites. Yeah I know some of them are long but the requirement for training was 12:00 minimum.
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