“The Road to Austell” was a documentary I directed & edited. It tells of the engineering, environmental and political challenges Norfolk Southern Railroad faced during the two and half years of development.
Between 1999-2002 my team and I recorded the project from the first turn of the shovel to the ribbon cutting. We recorded day, night, and in various weather conditions. The projected consisted of 12 location days and included 6 helicopter sessions using a Tyler front mount. We recorded over 15-hrs BetaSP footage and walked every square inch of the mile-long quarter-mile wide site. The team included DP, Rick Presley, Location Audio Tech, Gary McCullough, DP, Phil Dodgen, DP, Charlie Roland, Post-Production Audio Wade Keever, Narrator Henry Ford and Executive Producer & Writer Carol I. Noe. I hope you enjoy it.
Videos I produced, directed and edit during my almost 20 year career at CIN Services, Inc in Matthews NC.