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The Series

Carolina Business Today in conjunction with PWErhardt-media and Underdog Business Strategies has a new opportunity to help businesses grow and prosper.

The motion and sound of video reveals the emotion and passion business owners have to help customers. Disruptors to creating effective video content are ability, time and cost. Video Producer Phil Erhardt of PWErhardt Media, and Business Tactician, Steve Gatter of Underdog Business Strategies, combined their skills to create a series of custom designed videos specifically for the unique needs of startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers

The Series includes:

  • Improving your zoom presence.
  • Writing the 6 questions and answers script.
  • Editing & rehearsal.
  • Recording the base interview, with a host.
  • Posting the base interview online to your YouTube channel and to Carolina Business Today.
  • Segmenting 6 answers into micro-videos for a social media or email drip campaigns.
  • A prospecting blueprint that reveals how to use the script and videos.

The popularity of Zoom is the inspiration for Phil & Steve to design this product. They have always been connected to the small business community in Charlotte and are confident the series, along with its script and strategy, will be an affordable and effective tool for small business owners and freelancers to use, repeatedly.

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Phil Erhardt

Phil is an award winning producer, director, edit who has been creating video marketing content for over 30-years. Connect with Phil on LinkedIn.

Steve Gatter

Since 2010 Steve has been coaching solopreneurs, freelancers, and start-ups to connect with their ideal prospective clients. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn.

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